Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Sport for Isaac

Isaac has found a new sport.  PAINT BALLING...!!

I figured that it was coming as some point but it happened sooner that I thought it would.  He was invited to go to the local paint ball park by some friends from his soccer team.  He had and "EPIC" time...!!  So, about two weeks later we grabbed a entry level paint ball marker (not gun mind you, marker) on sale at the local drug store.  We paid $45 for a new JT Brass Eagle with a hopper and a mask.  He was set. We got some air, some paint balls and he was loving it. 

I got the chance to take him back to the paint ball park the day after school was out.  We were there when the gates opened and stayed until we had run out of the 1,000 paint ball we had bought, about 3 hours.  We had a GREAT time.
 Yep, that is the RBP in that picture.

Here is Isaac trying to cool down in the locker room area, with the RBP.
 We took a quick pic once we were done for the day.  Yes, it was pretty hot and humid that day.  Fantastic smiles though.
 Isaac was talking to Nick that works at the ice rink about paint balling.  Nick told him that he used to be into it quite a bit and had a lot of equipment but wasn't using it anymore.  Turns out a few days later Nick brought his Tippmann A-5 to the rink and sold it to Isaac, with a mask, for $25.
This kid is on top of the world with the paint balls now...!!!  Let us know if you want to go a round, we're up for it.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Random May Stuff

Lexy's hair was so cute this morning that I had her take a picture herself.  She had on a red, white and blue tee shirt so we had the blue on blue headband with the 4th of July bow.  (Thanks for all the bows Aunt Lynnie)
 We tried a new hair style of Lexy's Lexington skating competition.  It's a messy bun with an elastic, comb thingy...  I thought it turned out nice.
 Lexy got a single rose at her skating competition, so she plugged it in with her other flowers.  Pretty sure is going to die, but that is ok... :D
 During the skate testing we had some time to kill, so we painted nails.  The girls were doing some stripes, I got in the game and put white stripes (ha, that's a band) on Lexy's pink nails.

Last week I went in to wake up Lexy for school and look what I found.  I had to run back in the other room and get a camera.  That is her nightgown stretched around her feet and her arms pulled in the sleeves. Yep, most all of the covers where on the floor, and she was freezing.
 Sorry that this one is so dark.  Isaac finally got up the nerve and wore his morph suit to school on Friday.  He didn't dare walk in with the head on, but he did end up with it on a few times during the day.  When I picked him up at third base he had the top tied around his waist so that he could use his hands. (The gloves are sewed to the sleeves.)
 On our way to Lexington the other day we, by request, stopped off at Hillbilly Hot Dogs for some dinner.  We love that place.  It is so fun.  Isaac wanted to try the Home Wrecker, but I wasn't about to make that investment to waste most of it.  Anyway, here are Isaac and Lexy sitting in the double out house booth.

Big Skate Weekend

WOW... What a weekend of skating...

First of all Lexy skated at the Thorourghbred Figure Skating Club's spring competition in Lexington, Kentucky.  She has skated this show before and we took the opportunity to let her skate it again. It turns out that she was the only skater from Charleston FSC.  Ms. Mischa rode with us to save us the cost of her travel. (Thanks Ms. Mischa).  Lexy skated both a program and for the first time she competed in Spins.

Here is Lexy and Ms. Mischa just before warm-ups.
 What's that...???  Did I video her...???  Well of course I did...!!  Here's the links on YouTube.

She ended up with first in spins and fifth in the program. Here is a quick podium photo.
 One of Lexy and I in front of their banner.
 And Ms Mischa and Lexy...!!!
 So we raced back to Charleston on Saturday because Ms. Mischa had skaters testing on Saturday night.  Lexy was slatted to test on Sunday morning.  The testing is a little different that the shows and the competition.  No one is allowed in the rink other that the judges, the coaches and the skaters.  So, all the parents just hang out in the lobby area.

This is a quick shot of Lexy during the test through two panes of glass.

She took the Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field Test and the Pre-Preliminary Free Skate Test.

The moves test includes four sections Forward Perimeter Stroking, Basic Consecutive Edges, Forward Right and Left Foot Spirals, and aWaltz Eight.  Waltz Eight, sounds easy enough, but click on that link and check out the diagram.

The free skate test is one where the judge asks Lexy to go skate a certain move, she skates it, and returns to the judge for further instructions.  It includes Waltz Jump, Salchow, Toe Loop, 1/2 Flip,1/2 Lutz and a One-foot Upright Spin.

I am so super proud of Lexy for working so hard at a sport that she loves and passing these tests to show her skill.  Love ya Baby J...!!! <3

Next for her will be the Preliminary Tests.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lexy's Flowers

Lexy planted the flowers that she picked out at the Capital Street Market today. They are so pretty and she had a blast planting them.

Monday, May 7, 2012

CFSC Spring Show 2012

Lexy skated in the Charleston Figure Skating Club's Spring Show.  She was in two numbers the first opening act that was her Skate for Hope team.  I just watched that one.  But I filmed the second act that she was it.  It happened the be the closing act.  "Be Our Guest" which was made up of Ms Mischa's students.  It was super for them all.
I also filmed Zoey B skating to "White Horse".  She is the gal that calls Lexy her Mini-Me.

I'll add some pictures later....

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lexy and her skating buddies

I haven't posted about Lexy skating for quite some time.  She is still skating quite a bit.  Different days, different times.  We still hang out there a lot.  Here are some shots of her at the rink.

Lexy and her buddy Emily.
Katie, Emily, and Lexy warming up by the fire.
This one is from out church skating day, Camryn P, Lexy and Tashia.
Glamour shot...
Here's Lexy and her buddy Zoey.  She was working with Lexy on her sit spin.  Zoey didn't even plan to skate that day.  She changed clothes, strapped on her skates and worked with Lexy.  The love skating with each other.  Zoey call Lexy her "Mini Me".
More sit spin work.
Zoey and Lexy.
As a side note for Lexy's skating, she got qualified to skate on the cast of Skate for Hope.  Thank you to all who donated to her and the cause...!!  She is also working on a new routine for Lexington, a Test Session, and Synchro is starting up again. Oh yeah, and the Spring Show...

SK8er 4 Life...