Monday, April 23, 2012

Charleston Art Walk

The kids and I spent a few hours downtown last Thursday night at the Charleston Art Walk.  I figured that it would be a fun event.  Lexy was game, Isaac wasn't too interested.  In the end we all had a blast. We went down there after dinner, parked the car in a bank parking lot (took a change on being towed), and walk around to the different businesses that were participating.  

One of the highlights was some small bluegrass groups playing tunes at different spots along the street.  Most of you know that I love live music.

We spent quite a bit of time in the Art Emporium. They had some nice stuff.  I wanted the kids to pick their favorite and tell me why they liked it.  Didn't work, they had like eight favorites each.  So, I grabbed a few picture of some that they liked.

Here is Lexy with some digitally produced art.  They were really cool...!!!  The one in the upper right corner was called 'Alien Egg', I wish that I had a better picture of it.
Isaac liked these pictures because they were built up oil paint nearly 1/2 inch thick.  They were really cool looking.
This was one of my favorites.  The ol' sheriff dog with the double barrel shot gun.  
One of the other places we visited was Modern by Design.  They have all of this strange modern furniture.  Lexy liked this chair a lot.
I don't have any pictures but we spent nearly 45 mins with Chip the Diamond Doctor at Delfine's on Capital St.  He was awesome.  We went in there for Lexy to look, just for fun by the way, and ended up that Isaac had the most fun in there.  He asked Chip about this microscope that was on the counter.  Next thing you know he has a $10k diamond in there showing us the flaws.  After a bit of Isaac being so interested he pulled out another large diamond worth $40k to show us the feather flaws in it.  What a neat experience.

We will be visiting the Art Walk again.

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  1. What a fun night! We love the gallery walks here in Logan. Cameron especially.He is our resident artist. :)


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