Monday, January 23, 2012

Our Neighbors Crashed

I am glad we didn't see this happen.  We didn't even hear it happen.  Who knows, we probably weren't even home when it did.

There are some apartments right next to our house, haven't had much contact with anybody in them.  Of course we are not home too much.  The other day when we came home we noticed something not quite right.
Somebody drove their van half way off the ledge, busted the wall down and made a pretty good mess.  Turns out that all of the debris is on the apartment property.  The thin green post on the right side of this photo is the property line.  You can see the sidewalk to the left of the picture, that is our front walkway.

If you look close you can see the jacks where they have jacked up the van to get it off of the frame.  Yesterday I noticed that the van is still there, but it has been pulled back to where the wheels are on the asphalt.
Someone had a bad day, that is for sure.

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