Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Little Work for BIG Reward

I think we all know that Isaac loves to play video games.  He found a game at Worst Buy that he really liked, however it was only for Playstation.  We don't have a Playstation.  He saved for a few days, but it was never really in reach.  So Mr DP asked me several months ago about trying to fix his PS3.  I said sure we can try, next thing I know he had bought himself a new one.  Here about a week ago Mrs. CP wondered if we still wanted to try to fix the PS3.  So we brought it home.  I has been hard to find time to work on it, but with three or so hours (on three different days) we got to work.

We followed some instructions found on the internet and a YouTube series.

Here is Isaac cracking the case.
You gotta get the dust out...
We had it in pieces.  Just about every part that could come off did.
More dust removal...
Some reassembly.
Plugged it in... and...
It worked...!!!!  He now has a PS3.  Look at him go...!!!
Good Job Isaac....!!!  We make a great team...

Thank you DP and CP..!!!!


  1. Looks like you two could become members of the "Geek Squad"! Great job, that is awesome!

  2. Awesome!!! That was not an easy thing to do.

  3. Awesome. I'd never even attempt that, but it's cool that people smarter than me can make do and have something great as a reward.

  4. Good job fellas! Just remember electronics tip #17: Never play with electricity in the buff

  5. Your Uncle Brad used to fix things all the time. One time he took two broken telephones and used the parts to fix one. He will be proud of you. GMB


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