Monday, October 31, 2011

Game On...!!!

The first official games of Isaac's 2011-2012 season were the last Saturday in Athens, OH. The Athens team came to Charleston in August, but our boys had not practiced at all yet.

On Saturday we had games at 12:30pm and 7pm. The first game was close on the score board at 2-1 but our kids dominated the game. The puck was rarely in our defense zone. Our defense played great. Especially Will our goalie. He made a save with 5.0 seconds on the clock. The Athens player got behind our defense alone and Will had to make up the difference. It was great.

Here is a shot of Isaac on the bench with the rest of his line. They were off shift.
Here he is on the ice. Watching the puck, ready to make a move.
Another shot of him in action on the ice.
The second game started out kind of slow for the Wild. Athens scored about 2 min into the game. By the end of the first period it was 3-1 with Athens on top. I guess that our kids didn't like that. Shortly into the second period Sara R scored a couple of goals and got a hat trick. About mid way through the second Isaac was in position near the net, he said, "There were a bunch of people around the puck, but I was in position. Then Hunter looked and me, passed me puck and I just hit it in." It was so exciting. I have that image etched into my mind of Isaac skating away from the net, left hand by his side holding the stick, right fist in the air, arm fully extended. Screaming...!!! Yeah...!!!

To top off that part, our special friend Sis Newell was there with her husband. They made the trip just to watch Isaac play. He didn't disappoint. Thanks for coming to the game...!!!

In between the two games the WVU and Ohio University D2 teams played each other. A few of our boys had their picture taken with a few or their's. Isaac is on the far left in his WV Wild warm up suit.
The refs were horrible, the let so much slide that it turned in to a brawl. The stereotypical "We went to the fights and a hockey game broke out." By the middle of the second period it was so bad that this mayhem broke out. There were more pairs of fighters than refs to break it up. Mostly started by the OU goalie. He kept cheap shot'in people by clocking them in the back of the head with his blocker. Sad sight to see.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Sorry too busy to blog this week. I will get you all caught up later.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Old playground

Last week during Isaac's piano lesson Lexy and I stopped by Wine Cellar Park for a few minutes. Lexy had soooo much fun on the playground there. She went on and on about how much she likes "Old Playgrounds". She says that they are just better. "Look at all the bridges." This playground in right next to a pavilion that would be perfect for a large group.

Here are a few fun pictures of her on the playground.

If you can't tell, she likes... LOVES to have her picture taken.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Cookies

We frosted our first round of Halloween cookies last night. I always love making a big batch of sugar cookies for Halloween... and Easter... and Christmas. We had the Payne's over to help. I am pretty sure that all of the kids had a blast. Here are a few of the pictures.

Isaac's personal design. I had to beg him not to bite it before we took a picture. The stinker kept putting it in has mouth. Once the picture was done. Gulp..!! It was gone.

Here are the two older Payne girls getting the frosting done.

Lexy and the little Payne kept this corner of the table going most of the night.

Sorry it's sideways, but here is a picture of a plate headed out the door. The monster of a frosting job was done by Mr David. He was funny, didn't want to frost cookies, the he went off with the artsy over the top. Love it man. Come on back we'll do it again.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bridge Day 2011 (Part 2)

I just can't get over how much fun Bridge Day was this year. Here are some more pictures from the day. I better just make a Muvee, because there are too many good pictures. From the lower bridge, yes those are jumpers.

That is about as zoomed in as the iPhone will do. Pretty cool pictures, low quality, but cool.

Here is a picture of Andrew and Isaac on the lower bridge. They were having so much fun playing and watching that it was hard to get them to hold still long enough to get a picture.

Here is a little daddy daughter picture. Happy happy.

We always like to stop at the waterfall near Galley Bridge. It was flowing pretty good. There were so many people there that they had a cop at the entrance guiding traffic in and out of the parking lot. We lucked out and got right in.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bridge Day 2011 (Part 1)

Bridge Day was FANTASTIC this year. Weather was cool, dry, and warmed up later in the day. Isaac invited his friend Andrew. (He is WAY into Dragon Ball Z too). After starting out a little late and about wrecking on the way, we marched across the bridge (with a meat-sickle in hand) to the east side of the bridge.

Here are the three kids near the base of the bridge on the east side. Yep, those beanies were keeping the ears warm. Lexy must have had 100 people tell her that they liked her hat.

Red Bull was a big sponsor this year. They had stuff all over the place. This little 2 ton truck with speakers, and DJ, flat screens, video game consoles, etc. was a big hit and provided music for the entire east side of the bridge.

So we go a major hook up this year. Mr V got us onto the catwalk under the bridge deck. WOW AWESOME AMAZING COOL EPIC, I can't find enough adjectives to describe how neat it was under there. Lexy is the youngest person to walk the catwalk under the business that runs the tour. This picture is all three of us with our harnesses on ready to go. (Andrew was not comfortable with the height, so he didn't go)

This is the view from the catwalk on one of the BASE jumpers. It was fun, we didn't know when someone was going to jump, we just watched for falling bodies. If you bounce over to my YouTube I have uploaded 3 videos from under the bridge.

This picture is from the east gates. As you can see a few people showed up. We heard that it got so crowed on the middle of the bridge that nobody could move, so the police had to let people over the wall to walk around.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Gritt's Pumpkin Farm (Part 1)

On Tuesday, when school was out again, the kids went with the Payne's to Gritt's Pumpkin Patch near Buffalo, WV. They had a blast. Here are the picture's then Mrs. P took.

LexyJo on the swing.
Lexy and Bryleigh.
Lexy buried in the corn pile. Fun fun...
Isaac paused for a picture with a smile AND.....
Those girls let him have it. :)
He is still smiling.
Overall looks like a super fun trip. The kids are going to post their version of the trip as well.
(to be continued)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Isaac's essay

Shhhhh... Don't tell Isaac that I posted this. His teacher told me how much she liked this essay that he wrote last week. Makes a guy proud... :D

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2011 Charleston Rod Run and Doo Wop

So I always get a lot of traffic on the blog from this car show. We have been every year since we moved to West Virginia. This year was pretty good again. The car show is always Isaac's thing but Lexy had fun this year too.

Here is Isaac and what was the premier car of the show for him. A Ford GT. It's a mid engine car the can really rip. The stock engine pushed 550hp, doing 0-60 in 3.5ish seconds. The MSRP was $150k, but the first one sold for $550k, and most went for an extra $100k above MSRP to collectors. They were only built for 2005 and 2006. There were just over 4,000 built.
Isaac is always up to looking over a Corvette.We took Jamie P with us on Saturday for the day. She and Lexy had a blast together...!!The show raffled off the 1987 Yugo at the show. What a great gag.
Isaac's second favorite was this sweet Dodge Viper.
Now for the girl's choice car show highlights with the sweetest little car models...
They had a blast...!!!
There are more pictures of our adventures to come later.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Hair and Hockey

Lexy and I have been doing as much fun different hair styles as we can. It's fun to have her try something new. She and I watched some YouTube how to videos last night, meh, didn't learn anything ground breaking. But it was fun spending the time with her. So this morning we did the twisty crown. Not much from the front but a super cute smile.
In the back you can see the twisty. And of course, one of Aunt Lynnie's bows. I wish I had a better picture to post up, it is super cute.
Lexy loves the waves in her hair today. She thought it might be left from last week when we did curlers. Nope, it was from yesterday's braids that we left in for the night. I like this one. Sorry the are some fly aways, but the picture was late in the day. It was tighter when I send her to school yesterday. I love the double braids in front of the shoulders.
So last year Isaac's hockey coach called them suicides, in basketball they are called ladders, this year his coach calls them Thunders. They start on the goal line, skate to the blue, back the goal, then out to the red, back the the goal, etc. This picture is the start, Isaac is in the middle with the blue over his jersey. Boy there were never as together again. And when it was all over the ice looked like a war zone, bodies everywhere. Isaac skated pretty hard, his coach just barely beat him and he was about 4th on the team. Good Job, Buddy...!!!
Lexy found a way to entertain herself during hockey practice. She like to help put skates away, clean tables, wash the window, etc. at the ice rink (Let's make sure that is clear "at the ice rink", she doesn't like to do any of those things at home.) But it was all done. It was time to scrub the floors. So, Lexy rode the scrubber machine. She was singing and have a blast. She was pretty much in her own world, did at all care at all as she rode along.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Isaac's Week

Game on...!!!
Hockey season has begun. Monday night was the first practice. Kind of fun to have a game over a month before the first practice. They did a lot of power skating. The must have skated pretty good for Coach Will because he let them get some pucks out for the last 10 minutes of practice. I like this picture of Isaac, if you look close on the left side you can see the puck zooming. It looks like a comet, with that blurry tail.

Here he is just chilling on the ice. The poor kid had a headache toward the end of practice. I figure it had something to do with practice starting 30 minutes before his normal bed time. We have to keep our routine pretty stinkin' tight for after practice to get the kids in bed and ready for school the next day.

Dragon Ball Z Update

Isaac has been wanting this Vegeta costume for some time now, ever since his Grandma made him the Goku costume last yer for Halloween. He found this one online. It wasn't cheap, but boy is he happy with it. Check out that tail.

He is only wearing part of the costume in these pictures, There is more armor around the shoulders and waist that isn't attached for these photos.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Random Lexy Weekend

Here are some fun photos of Lexy from the weekend...

This was her hair for Friday. Upside down, inside out ponytail and a wrap-thingy. She loved it. It's funny how she is into tie-dyed stuff. I think that doing tie-dye at skating camps has helped her with that.
On Friday the school invited me to come have lunch with Lexy for her birthday. It was plenty busy. She was so surprised...!!! It was great. Isaac even got to come sit with us for a bit. I didn't snap any pictures in the lunchroom, but I did grab one of her on the monkey bars outside after word. She is a monkey bar fool.
Friday was the last day for a coupon Lexy had at Justice so she and I when to spend her money. The power was out at the one by the house so we went to the mall. She was all about that. This was a whole rack of Hello Kitty stuff that she loved.
On Saturday, after chores were done, the kids and I met the Payne girls at the CAMC Teddy Bear Fair. They had a blast, but boy was it cold. All bundled up the kids stuffed new teddy bears, played games, danced, got new books, etc. They even had free lunch. Isaac was there, but I didn't figure he wanted a picture with a teddy bear.
**** WOW...!!! ****
I didn't realize this the other day, but this is our 400th blog post. I figure I will just keep on going..!!