Thursday, April 30, 2009

From the Front of Our House

The leaves are finally here. Just barely at our house be the leaves are on the trees. Everyone here says they are late because of the cold winter and spring. These two pics are from the front of our house. The first is about an hour before sunset from the front door.

This second one is from the driveway at dusk.

Amy loves her outdoor office. She has a sweet seat on the front porch where she can sit and read. If you looks up, yep, she see's the first picture from above. She does study a lot. She was so into her reading she didn't see or hear me sneak up on her to snap a picture. Never underestimate the sneekyness.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yes I am...

Isaac has requested a Guitar Hero theme in his new bedroom. I ran into this. For those of you who were there. I want to remind you... You will never be able to forget!!! Haha...

Cowbell Hero t-shirt @
Cowbell Hero t-shirt design @ ©

Leatt Brace...

Amy and I for some time have wanted to buy Isaac a good neck support for when he rides his dirt bikes. He has worn a foam support since he started racing a few years ago. The idea is that if he crashes his neck will not hyper extend. The nice ones have been developed my orthopedic surgeons and start at $350. That is a lot of money for gear, not a lot in a hospital, but a lot for gear. We found a way to get one from him about 2 months ago. It is nice. It is out of the way, appears to be comfortable and is quite adjustable.
Well he used it for it's purpose this weekend when he had his bit of a crash on Saturday at Tyler Mt. Raceway. As we have talked to him about the crash, we have decided that he was coming down a small hill (approx 10 feet tall) a little faster than he wanted to. He grabbed the brakes... the front brakes... and when over the front end. He must have landed on his head (and elbows), then the bike flipped over on top of him, smashing the foot peg into his leg, then bouncing off of him down the hill. He had to have hit pretty hard look a the damage to his helmet.

The cracked visor and the missing molding at the mouth air intake tell me he hit pretty hard. But there was no neck injury, no complaint of neck pain, or even a mention of it. The Leatt Brace did it's job. It transferred the force of the head hitting first into his shoulders and ribcage. We are sooooo glad we bought it (and he never questions the safety gear). It paid for it's self... One crash and it paid for it's self.
Here is the link to their webpage if you know anyone that needs one.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Racing ... Crash

Isaac kept asking about going racing again this weekend. We wern't sure until late Thursday when Amy and I got time to talk about it. We decided to go. Isaac was very excited. We got it all together and entered him in three classes, 50cc 7-8 year old, 50cc open and 65cc 7-9 year old. Got practice done and lined him up to race.

This picture is at the gate on his 65cc. He did well. He is getting faster on the bigger bike. He beat two boys in the 10-11 year old class. It was good.

He raced the 50cc Open class and gave it a hard charge. He finished third with some fast kids. He wanted to do a bit better but it was good. He had some nice moves.

Well, then things didn't go so well. On the first lap of the third class he took off and was charging hard, he was fourth in the holeshot, and by the third turn he was in third. Then, he didn't come out of the blind turn. I was looking trying to find him coming around the corner. He went down there in practice, bounced up, restarted and kept going. When I saw the flagman run down the hill I took off running. He was down and not getting up quickly. He was upset, sore, but could move his arms and legs. We took of his helmet about the time Amy got to us. The EMT were close behind. His leg and elbow were bothering him. They decide to load him on the back board and take him to our truck for further evaluation.

Lexy did her best to comfort Isaac. She picked him some flowers.

Just to be safe, we had the ambulance take him into the hospital because his leg kept swelling. The though was that he may had a broken femur.

Lexy and Dad followed the ambulance to the hospital and Amy rode along with Isaac. They were in the hospital for about 3.5 hours. Evaluations, xrays and several talks later it was determined that he had no broken bones. It appears that he has a deep bruise. They said to keep him off it for a couple days, unless he feels like walking around on it.
He'll be just fine.
I want to make sure we thank the people who helped us at the track. The EMT's, the friendly people who helped us get both kids and all the gear loaded up (Wood's?), and the people who just showed concern. And thanks to everyone that has been thinking and praying for him.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lexy found a rope swing

Lexy Jo found here self a rope swing. All these trees here are going to be fun to explore. She sure had fun with it. It is nice to have a little princess girly girl who isn't afraid to get dirty and have fun out side too...

Friday, April 24, 2009

First West Virginia Project

I've been itchin' to get a project going. We don't have a bunch of room in the garage for a workbench and so on. I will just have to make it work. One thing we have been needing is somewhere for the kids to drop the muddy rain boots and hang up their coats. So, we are building them some cubbies to put by the door between the garage and the house. We grabed the wood we'll need today and I got a start on them. I'll post pictures when we get them done. Of corse I am a nerd and I had to draw them up before I got going. I also drew a set of cubbies for Isaac's room and a desk to go under his bed. Those will be the next projects.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Skating

The kids had another skating lesson this evening. Here are some additional photos from tonight. Isaac took right off again and got faster and faster through the lesson. Lexy seem to start over again but by the end of the lesson was cruising around. The both spent some extra time on the ice after the lessons.

Monday, April 20, 2009

New Site and New Name

Ok... So, I have been trying to blog a bit to keep people uptodate on our lives here in West Virginia. It has been going well, I have posted several times over the last week. I would like to make 4-5 postings a week to help folks see the kids and know how Amy and I are doing. I keep learning how to make it eaiser and better.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lexy's Photo Shoot

Lexy gathered up some shirts and bows today so we could have a photo shoot. We got a few pictures in even though it was raining. Of course the rain made some cute pictures.

Saturday, April 18, 2009