Friday, September 6, 2013

Charleston Distance Run 5k 2013

The kids and I ran the 5k event at the Charleston Distance Run on the 31st.  It was pretty great.  Both kids worked hard on the run.  

Isaac finished before Lexy and I.  He missed a goal a bit but was not too far off.  A little more practice and he'll be there.
Lexy and I stuck together for the most part.  We ended up finishing together.  She said that at the last bit of the run she couldn't feel her legs 'cause they were numb.  I'm proud of her for pushing through.  She beat me by 0.1 seconds on the official record.

I think that it's pretty cool that the sports photographer snapped this post race hug.
I can't say it enough, I am super proud of Isaac and Lexy for running these races with me.  I hope to instill some healthy habit in them.

Friday, August 9, 2013

What a fun way to track

Pretty cool find with my workout tracker that I have been using...  Please take a second to pause the ones you don't want to watch at the same time.

There's a fly by of the mountain bike ride I took with a friend last night. Funny thing is, this fly by isn't quite as dark or wet as it was when we finished.

This is the loop from my house around the Fort Hill area... Not sure why it tracks off to the side of the road, but it's still pretty dang cool...

This is a little row down the Little Coal River. I've been having a blast with that adventure..!!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kidless July

The kids have been gone... That's always a bummer... But I have been staying busy.  Ran 29 miles, biked 128 miles.  Cooked some epic meals.  Visited the Boy Scout National Jamboree, drove to Kansas and back.  Even managed to work a little bit too...

Got the boat back... Been working on getting it ready to float again.

Used one fantastic Bandaid...
Been helping a friend build an outdoor kitchen.  I sure love building.  It's good for my soul.
Still have to put on the roof and attach the stone to the outside.  It's going to be stinkin' AWESOME...

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ms Wood's Recital : Spring 2013

Here are a couple of pictures of the kids after Ms Wood's Spring Recital.  I always love to hear the kids play...!!!

I need to get the video uploaded...

Biggest Loser :: Charleston WV 2013

I typically don't like to post about just me.  But I have been getting into some fitness routines the last several months.  I enjoy looking forward to an organized run and love the way I feel after a workout.  This run was a bit to commercialized for me, but at the same token, the pictures were free.  I guess that balances out.

I am not blazing fast, I feel ok about my 10 minute miles on these kids of runs.  I like to push the first mile to the 8:30 -9:00 range, then pace out the rest.  For this run I wore the Isaac inspired orange shorts and the bright green shoes that Lexy gave me.  It's always fun when they join me for these runs, but they didn't make this one.

Here's a shot right after the start.  I'm pretty sure that I am trying to adjust my headphones in this picture. Ha.
 This is, by my calculations, near the 3 mile mark.

 And here is the big finish line picture.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, we finished.  I don't like the hype, but I love the feeling about 10 minutes after this point.
If you ever want to join me for one of these just let me know.  I'll find one for us to run.  However, I will not train with you or run with you at the event.  Something about the other persons rhythm that really distracts me and kills the fun for me.  But... I would totally enjoy pre and post race with you...!!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

River Time with the Adkins

We've been spending some time on the river with a canoe and some kayaks.  It's a pretty good deal, I drive them up the river, drop them in the water, and pick them up downstream.  All the kids love it.  I enjoy having them out and in the water.  Great times.
Here's a picture of Lexy in the canoe.

Steve and Noland Adkins.  Noland is 2.5 years old.  He wasn't quite sure at first, but LOVE it once they were floating.

Lexy navigating, Steve paddling and steering, and Noland loving the ride.

Camillo and Isaac in the 'rapids' in kayaks.

Here's Lora and Reagan with the canoe coming down the river.
Pretty great time.  Thanks for coming with us Adkins family...!!!


I got a call one Saturday morning from Mrs. Payne.  "Do you play volleyball?  Or do you know any guys that do?"  


"Well, some of my friend and I have entered into a volleyball tournament and we need a guy for our team."  She says.

Isaac was at a friend's house, so Lexy and I drove down to the park where they were playing and I joined in.  Lexy had a pretty good time practice with me in between games and cheering for our team during our matches.

Here's a quick pic or here and I on the sand court.
I had Lexy take some picture to get actions shots, etc.  Here she captured our team strategy meeting.  Mostly had to do with making fun of the other teams.
Here is an action shot.  Me reaching for the ball at the next.
And there's Mrs. Payne and I waiting for the serve.

Here is the team photo.  "The Comic Relief" was our team name.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Take me out to the ball game...

We've made it to a few WV Power Baseball Games this year.  One of the best was when Sammie was able to got with us.  She is such a great kid, so polite and fun to be around.  She and Lexy really seem to enjoy each other.

Here they are posing with the 'I'm Charlie West' sign.  This is a catch phrase that Charleston, WV is using to promote the town and all of the activities. 
#cwv #charliewest

Take me out the the ball game to... Eat Pizza...???!!  Yep, they had pizza for dinner at the game.

Back to back, they faced each other.
Post game firework on the weekend are always a hit...!!

I'm pretty happy with the iPhone fireworks pictures.